Balancing Perks and Benefits

I read a post on LinkedIn earlier this week that was a diagram containing God Mode Perks and Benefits of employment and contained a tiered system ranging down from God Tier, to Top Tier, to Mid Tier to Crap Tier. God Tier Perks consisted of 4 day weeks, sabbaticals and Enhanced Maternity/Paternity.

Top Tier contained Above Market Salary, Enhanced Holiday allowance, Proper Flexi time and working from home.

Mid Tier contained Market Rate Salary, Employee Discounts, Employee Social and Paid Subscriptions

Crap Tier contained Free tea and coffee, minimum wage, Ping Pong, Bean Bags, Free Eye tests, 20 days holiday and Standard Pension

I also read two other update posts elsewhere regarding the 5500 people at threat of losing their jobs at British Steel and 4500 people at threat of losing their jobs at JLR. The word “Perspective” comes to mind


I am a millennial by birth and love much about my generation, but when I see posts like “God Tier Perks” I understand why our generation is criticised for being entitled. There were way too many comments to count but I struggled to find even one that questioned the blasé ignorance here when thousands of people are facing redundancy and just to have a job in the first place is seen as a gift.

Yes, companies should offer perks, but posts like this and the comments that followed demonstrate unrefined entitlement. A lot of this goes on particularly in the Recruitment Industry unfortunately.

We offer holidays rising to 38 days per year, we offer a ridiculously good commission package and we’ll reward our best performers with fantastic incentives among other perks. But I’d personally feel pretty annoyed and let down if any of our staff expected them as a basic entitlement.

Experience of being on the other side of the fence

I have been extremely fortunate in that I have never been made redundant. Since leaving education I have only been out of work for a mere 2 months. And I run a successful business and work with some great people.

But I’ve also worked on a refund counter at Christmas at a well known high street catalogue retailer. I’ve been threatened if I didn’t refund an item on a number of occasions. I‘ve been spat at when I was in mobile phones. The area I was raised in was very working class. My senior school had various social and violent incidents on a monthly basis throughout my time there. I’ve lost many family members and a number of friends through tragedy and illness.

From those experiences I understand that I am extremely lucky to be in the position I am in. I love that we can offer a great working environment, fantastic benefits and a culture where people give a damn about each other. But I won’t ever take that for granted. Strip any one of us of our assets and we’re all the same.

Employee Expectations

I therefore find it disturbing that people have the conceit and arrogance to complain about perks of a job like they are a high paying customer at a restaurant moaning about table service. We are in a very fortunate time in this country. Unemployment is low. Living Standards are High. But I’ve seen some right hypocrites at one moment posting about child poverty and increasing homelessness and in another moment complaining about work perks. Get yourself off your high horse and have a little more compassion and perspective. Be thankful for what you have and never ever take things for granted.

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