The Most Common Hiring Mistakes – That get overlooked

The Most Common Hiring Mistakes…That get overlooked. When hiring staff, it’s easy to mess things up so we’ve put together our list of the 5 most common hiring mistakes that get overlooked.

1-Background Checks

Forget the terrorist watchlist or the FBI’s 10 most wanted. The background checks that get missed are for those who look to good to be true on paper.

Imagine that you have been looking for 6 months and a golden egg presents itself keen as mustard. The obvious question of “is this person too good to be true”, gets replaced by “Finally. I thought we’d never find someone”! And before you’ve done the proper checks they’ve started on your payroll.

However, if they turn out to be not quite what you thought then question marks appear. Their CV said they could do this, but they can’t. Or they used to do this job for such and such and they did not.

Check the Background – If they look to good to be true, they often are.

2-Delegating hiring for an easier life

You’re busy. You don’t want to deal with a recruiter asking questions. So you delegate to HR. Ignore that they don’t know anything about engineering or the technical skills you need. Key words and a 10 minute meeting will suffice, right? Wrong.

A good Engineering recruiter will know their stuff and having a 10 minute initial conversation with them will solve a lot of problems down the line.

3-Define what you need, not what you want

We all want value for money, but you get what you pay for. If your budget is for a 2nd hand Fiat, you are not going to get a Ferrari are you. So why get carried away thinking for your middling budget you’ll get a world class candidate?

Define what you actually need first and then add the desirables. Be realistic.

4-Pick your service, don’t let them pick you

If you put a job advert out for your company as sure as the day you are born at least one recruiter will call you to try to sell their service. But with all these recruiters promising you the world it’s easy to go with the cheapest one who promises the most. But cheap and great promises don’t go hand in hand.

The Recruitment agent that say’s we’re competitive on pricing but not the cheapest should grab your attention. Sure, they may cost a couple of % points more but the extra price means a lot better quality. However, if they then try to consult using industry knowledge and real world market comparisons they’ll know their stuff. And that’s the service you want to pick.

5-Interview Convenience

Candidates should have some flexibility for you. You are the one who could end up employing them after all. But if you’re about as flexible as a concrete post, then you could lose out.

If you think the treat them mean, keep them keen approach works then times have changed. A bit of balance and a bit of understanding goes a long way.

SUM UP – The Most Common Hiring Mistakes

Hiring is tough as it is. Don’t make it more complicated or problematic then it needs to be. Keep it simple, objective and get on with it.


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