The Frustration of COVID 19 on Business

The Frustration of COVID 19 on Business

Covid 19 has had a devastating effect on business. The priority is obviously health, but the governments handling of this is, putting it lightly, frustrating.

Did common sense not suggest that when Italy decided to lockdown then it would be a good idea for the UK to lockdown too?

Think about it. Italy has a similar sized economy to the UK. It has a similar healthcare system. And it has a similar sized population. Plus, the impact of Covid 19 hit Italy 2 weeks before the UK and we knew about the delay at the point.

The government harked on about being guided by the science at all stages. So at what stage did the science indicate that Covid 19 would be solved by Herd Immunity? It didn’t indicate this at any point. So why did we delay?

The Power of Hindsight

Hindsight is a wonderful thing. And usually one could be accused of pointing the figure only when the dust has settled. But we knew about this information at the point Italy locked down, but we didn’t act on it.

Instead we went with a bury our heads in the sand approach, which was not only indecisive, but it cost lives.

This morning New Zealand announced no new cases of Covid 19. None. And whilst New Zealand doesn’t have the population of the UK, it’s measures were stricter, more urgent and ultimately more effective.

Business Delay

The result of the lack urgency and indecisiveness of the UK government has now seen businesses delaying getting back to business.

Our company started the year in record fashion. And all that despite the fact that Brexit is coming, which is something that I personally felt was the most stupid idea in recent memory. We were the most invested in country in Europe per capita. The UK before entering the common market of the EU had a shoddy economy with days where people needed to go without electricity. We benefited more so financially than any other country in Europe. The logic of leaving Europe is crazy, but many people aren’t really aware of just how well the UK benefitted from it.

But if Brexit wasn’t mindlessly holding the UK back, then our handling of Covid 19 seems absolutely moronic. Can we just get businesses back to work now as bumbling about is going to be a huge issue.

Sum Up

It feels as if it’s not one thing then it’s another. Whilst our company is bouncing back, it’s yet another deeper bounce than was needed.

Companies that are failing will fail in good and bad times. And when there are bad times they’ll be the first to go. But there are companies that where doing ok before Covid 19 and before Brexit. And if things don’t recover soon then they’ll be in trouble. This was avoidable, but indecision, a lack of urgency and hesitant decision making will be found at the root of the problem.

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