Is the UK’s economic recovery from Covid 19 being hindered?

Is the UK’s economic recovery from Covid 19 being hindered?

I agree that a lockdown had to be made. And I agree that the government had to take action so as things didn’t get out of hand back in March. Furthermore, I understand why people were scared and that public health should have been the priority then.

But I don’t agree with the government’s tactics now. I think they are hindering the UK’s economic recovery from Covid 19 and I think with what we know now, things should change.

The Facts

I am going to start with the controversial part, and this is just my personal opinion. Covid 19 is not quite as serious of a disease as we originally feared.

What I am not saying is to ignore or disrespect it. But the statistics of infections to deaths are incredibly low.

Of those who are diagnosed with Covid 19, only 1% will die. But, so as to be unbiased, 20% will require some form of medical treatment. But what is becoming more and more apparent is that the majority of the people being tested are either in a profession where testing is a regular occurrence or are those showing noticeable symptoms anyway and have seeked out medical attention for it.

Of those who are in a profession who require testing on a mandatory basis, when was the last time you remember a professional footballer being hospitalised with Covid 19? I cannot recall any pro footballers having anything worse than very mid symptoms. In fact, from my recollection, all I remember is the word “asymptomatic” being banded around constantly.

Common Sense

It appears to me that of the people in professions where testing is mandatory, a noticeable percentage have at some point tested positive. But I struggle to recall many people at all bar Boris Johnson requiring medical assistance for it.

By my observations from various sources of information, for the record this does not include tabloid newspapers as I don’t believe a word they print, it appears the majority of people are asymptomatic.

This then leads me to ask a question. If almost all professionals regularly tested come up as asymptomatic, how many people in the general population have had the disease and have no idea they’ve even had it?

Think about this for a moment. What sort of deadly disease that shuts entire countries down goes completely unnoticed by the huge majority of people who have been infected?

And this isn’t me talking nonsense. Look at the numbers from various studies. It’s simply nowhere near as dangerous as originally feared.

Two Schools of Thought

Originally, I was cautious. I thought for governments to take such a strong stance on Covid then it must be dangerous. But I myself have fallen into the growing number of people who are seriously questioning whether the reaction is overkill now.

There are of course people still living in fear of this disease, but statistically they’re more likely to die from an ever-growing number of other illnesses and even accidents completely unrelated to any illness.

The Economy

I realise I run a business and my priority is the recovery of my business. But there are millions now out of work, tons of economic upheaval and restrictions on things all over the place.

I just want to get on with things now. And whilst I recognise there is a risk, it’s not anywhere near enough to warrant this level of disruption.

The way I see it there is a disease, which whilst dangerous is of extremely minimal threat to the majority of people who contract it. And by carrying on as we are, we are simply causing unnecessary disruption now.

Appropriate Measures

The disease isn’t going away. It’s here to stay. It’ll cost a lot less to have the medical facilities in place to treat people who need it than crash an entire economy catastrophically. The tactic is to help the minority and by doing so the majority are suffering.

I don’t want to sound cold as arguing this tactic sounds harsh. But we’re a country that is increasingly about extreme leftist viewpoints. Help everyone. Save this and save that.

Don’t get me wrong I want people to be ok, but the impact measures to stop Covid have had now far outweigh the greater good. Just take a step back and see how over the top the measures are to how much they’ve actually helped.

Final Point

I agree that if you can do one thing that saves a life it’s a good thing, but there’s 67 million people in the UK. We can’t save everyone. No action can fix every problem. Life goes on and it’s time we got on with things now.

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