Planning a Hiring Strategy during Covid 19

Planning a Hiring Strategy during Covid 19

Trying to plan anything is a challenge right now. However, planning a hiring strategy during Covid 19 is like walking over hot coals with a couple of bags of the stuff on your back. It’s so hard because whilst you might have ambitious goals, just being able to survive for most companies is their only goal for the meantime.

How long is that meantime going to last though? There is no cure for Covid 19, cases are back on the rise, the government come across as clueless and on top of all that we’re staring down the barrel of a no deal Brexit.

How do you do it?

Firstly, you need the budget. If you have no money to invest, hiring someone isn’t going to work.

But presuming we’re already past this hurdle if you’re reading this then we’ll move on.


I am talking about forecasting sales, P&L, best, medium and worst case scenario’s etc. You should have detailed records and analysis to know your business down to the penny. With this information you should be able to formulate a range of potential outcomes.

Factor into this economic impacts that could affect you negatively. What happens if there is a no-deal Brexit? How will it affect your market? What if the UK decides to do a 3 week nationwide lockdown?

Negativity VS Positivity

There are 3x types of company in your industry. These are Optimists, Pessimists and Opportunists.

Optimists will believe that the industry will recover and they’ll continue on as is. This can be unwise though certainly if they don’t know their sales forecasting from their weather forecasting.

Pessimists will play it safe and in some ways if you don’t know which way the wind will blow keeping your sail down makes sense.

But it’s the opportunists that will profit. Those companies who recognise that while the cats are away, the opportunity is on display.

Looking for Opportunity

I’ve had some of the best engineers and technical professionals come my way now that you’d never normally find. And these aren’t guys that are just looking for a stop gap job either. Many of these people have been in their job 20 years, but due to the downturn have been let go.

Yet, I’ve also sent these people to companies who have held off hiring them and stayed put. However, without realising it they’ve just allowed their competition to hire them instead. The competition had a hiring strategy.

It’s a bit like someone dropping the crown jewels, but you not wanting to pick them up because you’re worried you might put your back out.

Put your money where your mouth is

Am I just talking nonsense though? Will I put my money where my mouth is?

We aren’t the biggest company in the world so you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d not seize the opportunity. But we’ve doubled in size since May.

This is not because I think the economy will improve tomorrow. It won’t. Nor do I think a Covid cure is around the corner. It’s because this is an opportunity to invest our money in the best talent available so we can accelerate out of this when things settle down.


Are you an Optimist, an Pessimist or an Opportunist?


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Planning a Hiring Strategy during Covid 19, Planning a Hiring Strategy during Covid 19, Planning a Hiring Strategy during Covid 19, Planning a Hiring Strategy during Covid 19

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