Had a Bad Recruitment Experience?

Had a Bad Recruitment Experience? – Before using us, many of our clients felt that way

The hardest part about this job is not finding great candidates when nobody else can. It isn’t about delivering results repeatedly and to a demanding schedule when circumstances are against us. And it isn’t even about building a team of hand selected and experienced engineering recruitment specialists because that’s exactly what we have.

The hardest part for us is convincing potential clients to give us a chance.

Ultimately Recruitment Consultants are Sales people and when being sold to, sales people will tell you what you want to hear. And the problem is that the lasting impression is often that of being oversold, but underdelivered to.

We’re ACTUALLY different

Firstly, we get results. We just do. But our process isn’t the normal spray and pray.

You’d think we’d send you 50 CV’s trying our luck to get these results…but you’ll be lucky if we send you 5 CV’s.

And you’d be forgiven for thinking we’d send you irrelevant CV’s because we don’t know our SCADA from our Skoda…but you’d be wrong.

But what is it we do that is better than other recruiters?

Our objectives are about getting results consistently, whilst delivering a great service – Nothing that revolutionary though, right?

However, everything we do is focused on that. And this is where things start to differ.

The Right Ingredients

If you want a great meal, you need the best ingredients. And whilst we’ve all been there learning our trade, all our consultants are experienced.

And not only are they experienced, but they have two other key elements that make them great ingredients.

1-They have a proven track record in Engineering Recruitment specifically

2-They are the best people we can find

No trainees making their mistakes. And no blagger’s who don’t know the market. Our people really know their stuff when it comes to Engineering Recruitment.

The Right Vehicle

If you want to drive off road in tricky conditions, a 2nd hand Vauxhall Corsa probably wouldn’t be your best choice of vehicle.

So why would we use anything but the best systems, software, advertising, networks and processes when we recruit?

We don’t compromise here.

What else?

We are consistent

We operate a repeat process that works, and we are regimented about it.

Great Service

Is it that hard to expect a professional to be and act professional? But still be able to talk on a level so it’s still a human being you’re talking to.

Surely that’s just common sense and a minimum expectation?

Yet we hear that so many clients experience of using recruiters is quite the opposite.

Experts in Engineering Recruitment

Our aim is to deliver Engineering Recruitment how it should be done. And all of the investment, time, effort and passion is about delivering on that.

We want to partner with companies where this approach resonates.

If that’s you, get in touch.


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