How to know you’re being Underpaid

Are you sat there reading this because you think you are underpaid? Perhaps you know you are underpaid and just want to confirm whether you are right or just a cynical old so and so who loves nothing more than a good moan?

The Good News is You’re Probably Right

Why would you think you’re underpaid if you weren’t? Nobody in a position where they are overpaid will start questioning it. They’ll know to keep their mouth shut because they have a cushy pay packet each month. The last thing they want is to mess that up.

What is the root of your suspicions?

You’ve noticed that your company is hiring, but every advert say’s “competitive” under the salary section. Yes, you’re right. That’s code for more-money-than-you. If it was less or the same money, why not just put the salary bracket being offered? Why otherwise would the salary being offered say competitive?

What about the owner swanning around in a new luxury car with a pricey watch on their wrist? Why does the head office have to have designer furniture and every mod con you can think of? How comes money doesn’t seem to be dropping from their pockets but it does from your wage packet?

Sound Familiar?

You’re not alone. There are a few tell-tell signs to spot if you have your suspicions, but they aren’t quite so obvious.

1-They operate a strict salary banding system.

Ask yourself why? Do they want to be fair? That’s how it is sold to employees. We will pay you fairly on what you have to offer skill wise. How comes every salary banding system seems to pay less than market rate? Is the tactic a wolf in sheep’s clothing? Could it be *shock horror* a cost management strategy to keep you lot happy with a fair wage, but actually it’s a mechanism to keep costs down? Whilst nobody is paid more than anybody else in the company who has the same skillset, that doesn’t stop other companies paying better.

2-To earn extra money you have to put yourself out beyond what is reasonable

70 hour weeks? And the rest? Unsociable callouts? What about a great training program which consists of 100% learning on the job rather than someone putting themselves out to ensure you are trained properly? How about equipment that will do the job but makes your job harder because it’s cheaper? Or do Legacy systems and yesterday’s latest kit sound familiar?

3-Big Plans that never seem to get to get executed

Is there a lot of talk and very little action? Do you get the feeling your boss is making you promises from above and isn’t confident that they’ll be delivered themselves? Are big plans and ambitious strategies for tomorrow being shouted about as a cover for other things you wouldn’t like so much happening now?

Having THAT conversation

You know the conversation I am talking about. The one where you walk into your boss’s office to talk about getting a raise as you are being underpaid. You know the one where you practice what you are going to say in the mirror the night before. The mirror that you look so confident and assertive in.

What is your ammo though? Another job offer? Us recruiters love people using job offers we get them as counteroffer cannon fodder. That doesn’t waste our time at all. If you want to do that just apply to any job that pays more from a competitor and then get the job offer direct. Sure, it’ll come back to bite you in the arse one day, but if you want ammo it is a cruise missile basically.

If you want to be more smart about it don’t use the counter offer weapon. Why?

1-You’ve made yourself a marked person. There is a black mark against your name in permanent marker.

2-If that doesn’t bother you then why would you work for a company that only gives you what you deserve when you complain? That’s a bit like a restaurant only serving your food when you cook it yourself.

3-And if that’s not enough why are you wasting your time working for a company that you know is having you over? If you’re going to spend 40+ hours a week doing something why spend 5 years somewhere that is mugging-you-off? Are you going to be one of those people who works for a company for 25 years and despite spending every evening and weekend moaning about how bad things are, you keep returning every Monday? Have some pride in yourself.

Time to do something about being Underpaid

Finish reading this and call us. Stop hanging around. Nobody deserves to get done over. Or have their time wasted.

We recruit all over the UK and the Middle East. And we work ONLY with good firms who pay properly and will look after you. We pick our clients because we know they deliver on promises. There are multibillion turnover household names and there are family ran firms. But let’s get things sorted now. Enough is enough.

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