What do I need to do to secure a job right now?

What do I need to do to a secure job right now?

It’s so frustrating isn’t it. You know you’re good at your profession. Yet, through no fault of your own you got let go. Maybe your employer went under or they lost a contract. But regardless it wasn’t your fault.

Scrap Heap

Whilst reading this you are acutely aware that world circumstances have caused a ripple affect that has trickled it’s way into your world. Your bank funds are dwindling, and your family need you more than ever to fix it. But no matter what you do you’re getting nowhere.

How’d you get a job quickly to stem the flow?

Firstly, don’t go with the scatter gun approach. It might seem tempting but recruiters and hiring managers aren’t stupid. They’ll see you’re possibly over-qualified for the role and can work out you’d only use it as a stop gap.

But what if you don’t have a choice? You need to look out for number one right?

If you’re going to fake it, at least make it look convincing. There are people working in supermarkets who were Operations managers doing shelf stacking. So, it can be done.

Catering your CV

The first thing you should do is designate the industries you will work in. If you are pretty open minded, still do this.

For example, you may have a list of jobs in retail, food, driving and warehouse work. Take your CV and alter it to fit the 4x sectors so it’s aimed at them.

You want a hiring manager to see what they want to see. If your Personal statement sections begins by saying you are actively looking to get into retail because of reasons x, y and z that make sense, then you give yourself a decent chance.

Approach and Persist

If you’ve been trying to look for a job for the last month and your tactic is half a day of applying and you’re getting nowhere then there’s one big fat problem.

When job hunting, don’t just throw a line out and wonder why no fish have bitten. Put the groundwork in. Do your homework. Who’s looking? Which recruiters know your market? Is your CV right for what you are looking for.

When you identify the answers put the effort in. Right now your full time job should be job hunting so if you did 8 hour days previously, do 8 hour days job hunting.

Accept Rejection

I understand that nobody wants setbacks, let-down’s and disappointment. But you’re job hunting. Without wanting to dampen your spirits, it kind of comes with the territory.

Approach job searching the same way you’d approach trying to get 4 numbers on the lottery. If you go into every week expecting to get 4 numbers on the lottery you’re going to be pretty disappointed. But if you’re persistent enough eventually you’ll get 4 numbers. People accept the odds contently.

But with job searching you’re not playing once a week, you’re playing possibly 30 times a day. Same unlikely odds, but persistence and resilience are key.

Keep your chin up, stay persistent and don’t give up until you get the result no matter how hard it gets.

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