Interview Courtesy

Interview Courtesy

I commented on a LinkedIn Post last week, but what I got surprised and concerned me at the same time.

The original post I commented on was from an out of work job seeker who attended an interview. To cut a long story short the post explained that she had arrived 10 minutes early for the interview but was without explanation left to wait for just under half an hour. The lady in question decided that she had waited long enough and left.

Whilst I understood her reason for wanting to leave, putting myself in her shoe’s I would ask reception as to why the delay took place. My thinking would be that if I am out of work, I do not want to dismiss an opportunity by presuming they are rude and unorganised without first understanding why. I would want the information to get closure, so I know I was making the right decision. From experience, presuming things can often be a mistake hence my thought process.

My Comment

My comment was presented in what I believe to be a diplomatic but justified context.

“Whilst I appreciate the point, I think you’ve made a presumption without making any attempt to understand why. There could have been a completely legitimate reason for the delay. Plus, I understand you want to honour yourself but in the nicest way you’re out of work. Wouldn’t asking reception and giving them the benefit of the doubt on the delay made more common sense in your situation”.

Judge for yourself.

The Reaction

The word divisive comes to mind. As it stands I got 76 likes, but 19 replies from people who appear to take offence.

I am not someone who is easily offended so this isn’t one of those “I feel attacked” types posts. Disagreements happen. What I don’t like though is the theme of the negative responses as I didn’t feel they were rational or balanced.

Some Examples

“As the director of a recruitment business you surely can not condone the lack of respect shown to a prospective candidate. In your instance the candidate is what generates your revenue and allows you to keep the doors open. By referring to the ‘benefit of the doubt’ it seems you possibly aren’t very punctual either?!”

The theme here that seemed to emulate from all of the negative replies is ironically one of presumption. Presumption being the very thing that my comment had alleviated to.

I feel this response presumed that I condoned a lack of respect toward a candidate. I clearly hadn’t and if anything was attempting to give advice to a candidate whose objective is to find a job.

It also presumed that I am not very punctual either. Ironically, I’m a stickler for time keeping. Ask any of our team.

The Theme

This theme continued throughout the responses though, presuming things.

“Clearly demonstrated what the company thinks of employees” – It doesn’t clearly demonstrate this at all. If you don’t understand why where is the clarity? Again it’s presuming something without knowing why.

“They couldn’t care less what the circumstances were. As such, I am not obligated to waste my time with any company’s nonsense if you don’t want to show up on time or at all for my interview. The interviewer should be fired” – How do you know they couldn’t care less? Again you’ve presumed they couldn’t but you don’t know. How do you know they don’t want to show up on time? Is firing them really a rational outcome for this?


I am someone who believes in common sense. As such my way of thinking is that in order to formulate an opinion on something, I first need to understand both sides of the story. If you were innocent in a criminal trial would you want the judge sentencing you to 10 years by presuming you were guilty?

Don’t get me wrong if I were to make presumptions then the company in question here probably is rude and the interviewer sounds disrespectful, but I don’t know that for sure. So, in my mind I wouldn’t want to come to that conclusion without at least attempting to comprehend why.

From general observation I find that too many people formulate a cast iron opinion on something or someone without garnering unbiased information to do so. And even more concerningly is that if somebody disagrees with them who happens to have an educated knowledge of the subject, some people are quick to attack them personally rather than enter a constructive argument with an objective outcome.

My objective is not to judge the company or the candidate in this equation. It is to understand both sides of the story in order to articulate the correct understanding.

Is that unreasonable?

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