IT Recruitment: How We Select The Perfect Candidate

In the ever-changing world of technology, companies are seeking hidden talent and IT professionals to help promote successful business endeavours. Companies across the IT industry rely on skilled professionals to drive their business and uphold competitive edges in the IT world. Effective IT recruitment is a fundamental part of this process, helping employers to find the best specialists and matching top tech talent with the best roles possible.

Our blog dives into what IT recruitment is, and what recruiters are looking for and how you can secure the position you’re looking for. To find out more about the nuances of tech recruitment, keep on reading!

Why Is IT Recruitment Important?

IT staffing companies are pretty important in the world of tech recruitment, but who might use a service like this? Read below to learn more.

Who Might Use An IT Staffing Company?

Start-up businesses and small/medium enterprises are often using recruitment services. They may need to meet their growing business demands with quick access to potential employees. For smaller companies who don’t have a lot of recruitment expertise, outsourcing this to an IT staffing company is a great way to scout and secure top IT talent. IT staffing agencies specialise in recruitment as well as vetting processes that ensure candidates are suitable!

Larger corporations may also use IT staffing agencies to seek out highly skilled IT employees in the job market. Larger companies may be looking for someone with specialised skills, or individuals to help with specific projects, which is then delegated to an IT recruitment company. This saves the larger corporations time and resources, and IT staffing companies are often more efficient in finding appropriate candidates.

Public Sector Organisations also need IT staffing companies to help them find IT specialists that can help them locate professionals easily and efficiently. Public organisations have requirements for protection and security, which is where IT staffing agencies can help. They can ensure that individuals are appropriately vetted to comply with government standards.

What We Look For: Information Technology Recruitment

The technology sector requires industry knowledge of a range of areas. From technical concepts to coding and programming languages. Many companies don’t have IT recruiters on hand to help them find the best talent, but IT staffing agencies do!

Our list below narrows down some of the key skills and knowledge we look out for on our IT staffing searches. To learn more about the skill set you might need, keep reading.

Hard Skills

Technical skills, also referred to as ‘hard’ skills are common in the IT industry, and you should definitely be aware of them going forward. Keep a note of key skills that you do have, and skills that you may find valuable too. Read below to learn more about the hard skills commonly involved in the IT sector.

Technical Writing

Technical writing may sound simple, but it refers to the intricate instructions and clear, concise things you may need to communicate during your role as an IT specialist. This goes hand in hand with communication skills, and as an IT specialist, you may need to communicate both verbally or in writing to convey information. Complicated technical processes, liaising with manufacturers or other professionals may require you to have good technical knowledge, and communicate this in a way that can be understood clearly by others.


One of the most common, and fundamental skills in the tech world is to have knowledge of coding. Many employers will expect you to be able to read, understand and write code. Many IT jobs will require you to write programs, and develop software, which relies on employees having a thorough understanding of coding.

Having knowledge of different coding languages, such as Python, Javascript and Ruby. These are just a few examples of skills that employers are looking for, but having knowledge of other coding languages may also stand out to potential employers. Understanding code is a crucial part of completing software development projects.

Network Configuration

Another common skill you will need in the IT world is networking knowledge. Having an in depth knowledge of networking could get you into network administrator roles. These roles are responsible for setting up networks and administering them. This also requires you to have a knowledge of IP addresses,  wireless routers, cloud services and coding.

Networking knowledge is a key essential for IT specialist roles, and in depth skills are a stand out to potential employers.

Operating System Knowledge

Operating system knowledge is another crucial skill to have going into any IT specialist role. You should have a good understanding of how technical systems work, so that when setbacks or issues occur, you are able to take the correct approach to fix them. Different businesses may use different operating systems, so having knowledge of various systems can help you stand out from the crowd. Businesses may also want to switch their operation systems, in which case, having knowledge of various operating systems will also be beneficial.

Soft Skills

Soft skills are equally important when it comes to securing your next IT role. These skills include things like:


In the IT field, communication is a key skill you’ll need to work effectively. Whether you’re conversing with colleagues, superiors or clients, to solve technical issues or communicate a problem, clear skills are needed to do this effectively. Communication includes both written and verbal forms, which you should be clear and concise with. You may need to send people emails, write reports or use other forms of written word on a day to day basis as a part of your role. You may also have to give feedback, which needs to be communicated clearly.


Organisation is another key skill needed, and is a transferable skill to have for many workplaces. organisation can make your day to day tasks much more efficient and effective. It leaves less room for mistakes, and keeps things less confusing, not only for you, but for other colleagues, team members and clients. You may need to assess the length of a project, find ways to delegate and work to deadlines.etc. Staying organised is a good and attractive trait for employers, as it showcases your ability to complete your work effectively.

Project Management

IT specialists often have multiple projects or tasks going on at once, and managing these projects is fundamental. This goes hand in hand with your organisational skills, so having good project management skills is definitely something to put on your resume.


Flexibility is another soft skill that is transferable between workplaces and roles. It is a key part of being a good employee, and is definitely something that employers are on the lookout for! Flexibility day to day may be something you encounter at your workplace, with different tasks, problems that occur, and last minute changes that you need to deal with. Coping with the pressure of these situations and being able to problem solve goes a long way. It showcases that you can work effectively to overcome setbacks if they occur.

Revorec Recruitment: Talent Acquisition Specialists

Here at Revorec Recruitment Solutions, we offer UK and EU wide tech recruitment solutions in Science, IT and Engineering. Our services are here to help both employers and job seekers find the perfect fit. As the demand for sophisticated IT skills increases, our services are here to help our clients find the right opportunities with ease.

If you’re a highly skilled IT specialist looking for your next opportunity, here at Revorec Recruitment, we can help you find suitable roles where you can excel. On the other hand, if your organisation is looking for specialists to give you strategic advantages and develop your business, we can match you to some of the top talent across the UK and EU.

To find out more about our services, or the sectors we operate across, feel free to check out our website. You can also contact our team to find out more or speak to our staff today!

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