How Companies can get all of their Job Offers accepted

How Companies can get all of their Job Offers accepted

The greatest challenge most growing companies face today is hiring talent. And the biggest kick in the teeth is when a company offers a candidate a job only to have it declined. How do you avoid having your job offers declined though?

The Job Offer

The simplest solution is to first work back from the job offer to try to figure out the root cause or causes. Starting with the job offer itself, is the offer likely to be accepted? IE if the candidates wants 50k and they discussed this figure at interview and you only offer 40k then obviously you are going to have a problem.

At the offer stage you should already know what you would need to offer to have a candidate accept. Yet, what still shocks me is that many companies don’t.

At the offer stage you should know what salary the candidate needs, what reservations they have and what barriers there could additionally be to stop them accepting. Reservations may include location, hours or things that have become apparent as not being ideal during the interview process. Barriers may include other interviews or a potential vulnerability to taking a counter offer.

The Interview Outcome

To get the information that you need to be able to gauge whether a candidate will accept a job offer, the interview process should provide that opportunity.

A modern interview process should not be one dimensional. IE if you think the interview is just to assess the candidate you are going about it wrong. A good interview both assesses them but also sells the company and opportunity to the candidate so that they want it.

The amount of interviews that are one dimensional and result in rejected job offers is still too common.

Selling to their needs

Your objective is for a candidate to be near desperate to secure your job vacancy. However, you additionally want every candidate to feel this way so that you simply have the choice to pick from the pool of candidates as to who you want.

To do this though you need to understand your job and company selling points and match them against what type of candidates that would be of interest to. You can use Mazlow’s hierarchy of needs as a reference point. You want your job offers accepted right?

With this information from job advert, initial conversation, ongoing communication and interview process you are consistently reinforcing the sales points. By doing this you trigger keen interest from candidates.

Accepted Job Offers Conclusion

To get your job offers accepted make sure you identify who you want and understand why they would want it from the off. Then ensure that you are consistently reinforcing the selling points of the job and company. Ensure that you garner all of the information you need. Then you understand what the candidate will need to definitely accept if offered. And finally offer the best candidate within your budget from the pool of candidates you have what they need.

The outcome, whilst not foolproof, will dramatically increase the likelihood of consistent job offer acceptances.

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