Why Make Out You Love Mondays When You Don’t?

It’s Monday morning, you check your social media and you see yet another post from a contact about how much they Love Mondays at their job. “Can’t wait to get started today. #LoveMondays”. “It’s Monday and I’m raring to go”. Seriously? Even if you love your job who jumps out of bed raring to go every day? Get real. I love my job, but I wouldn’t say I skip down the stairs happy to tell everyone about it. So why the need to tell several thousand strangers on your social media feed then?


There are two types of social media users in my experience. There are those that use it for its purpose and benefit; maximising your social connections with people it would be physically impractical to connect with each day. In essence being able to communicate with a lot more people and using technology to do so. And there are those that get way too involved and let it take over their hearts and minds. You know, the types that one minute tell everyone how they love life and everything’s amazing. Then the next minute start saying they’re going to quit social media because it’s making them depressed.

Like alcohol, gambling and drugs social media is known for its addictiveness. And when I read comments from people declaring that they Love Mondays I take it with a pinch of salt. In my opinion they are either trying to play the game of indirectly selling their company. For example, their head of marketing has advised them to post this so the myriad of people who believe everything they read on the internet start applying to work there. Or alternatively they are people who want everyone else to think they are happy and loving their life. When in actual fact they simply want to make themselves feel better and social media is their outlet to do so.

The Reality of Mondays

If, like most people, you work Monday to Friday and have weekends off then Monday is the start of your working week. If you love Mondays where does it rank in your preference of weekdays in comparison to say Saturday? The word love when referring to a day of the week seems to imply that it’s got to be 1st or 2nd in your favourite days of the week, right? Does that mean that you prefer it to Saturday, Sunday and say Friday? Really?

Get Real

When you start a new job you may well look forward to your first week or couple of weeks and therefore the Monday sounds great. Are you saying that 3 months, 6 months or 9 months down the line you still love Mondays? Come on. It becomes routine. There is nothing wrong with routine. But that doesn’t mean you need to exaggerate or lie. And if you Love Mondays so much why do you need to tell me? I couldn’t care less if you love Mondays or not. So, ask yourself this. Why are you posting that you Love Mondays? Be really honest with yourself.

The Three Outcomes and Solutions

1-If you genuinely Love Mondays and you feel the need to post to thousands of other people I question why. What is that information really going to do for someone else? It’ll either make them think your company is amazing, make them jealous that you love your job and they don’t love theirs or like most people conclude the outcome that they really couldn’t care less. Unless you are getting bonused for bull**itting to promote your firm or genuinely feel a deep personal need to attract new talent to the business just stop posting this nonsense.

2-You are promoting your company to attract people to the business but are bare faced lying about loving Mondays yet you are being paid to lie (a.k.a employer marketing). However, it’s a short sighted tactic by your business because if you’re lying about loving Mondays to attract people who only want to join in order to love their Mondays too, what happens when they discover that Mondays aren’t actually all that loveable? Guess what…they’ll leave. Of course, in the meantime they’ll too bang on about loving Mondays and therefore attract other poor sods to believe your marketing lies because you’ll pay them to. You can recognise these companies because they do a lot of work on “retention”. That’s code for they don’t practice what they preach.

3-You want people to think you Love Mondays for Kudos in your social circle. In the nicest way if you have people you call friends who only want to be your friend for your social kudos, get better friends. In your whole live you will count the amount of real friends you have on 1 hand. And real friends would be more concerned if you’re having to lie just to sound happy.

Sum Up

Stop with the I Love Mondays posts. They’re nonsense. It’s either a promotional/marketing tactic to attract staff or a social kudos ploy. Think about it. Only a complete weirdo is seriously going to want to declare to thousands of people they never see that they love their job for no actual purpose or benefit.

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