Playing your Hiring Campaign too safe

Playing your Hiring Campaign too safe

Hiring people can be more of a challenge then it needs to be. But there are certain, and I chose my words carefully “errors of judgement”, that can make it even harder.

Errors of Judgement

What do I mean by errors of judgement? Well, either you need to hire someone, or you don’t. And the problem that we are seeing as a pattern currently is that companies are becoming non-committal when it comes to who they hire.

You’d think with the highest unemployment in years and skilled people on the market who’d have been as rare as hens’ teeth 9 months ago companies who are looking to hire would be snapping people up.

Too Fussy

The problem is that companies and hiring managers are becoming too fussy. Actually, scrap that. I will replace fussy with the word unrealistic.

The pattern that is emerging is that companies realise the need to hire. That company then begin the normal hiring process. However, they listen to the media that are inadvertently spreading the message that millions are out of work. And whilst this is true the volume of people who are actually out of work due to Covid is relatively small compared to pre-Covid levels. Furthermore, the percentage of those who have skills that would be seen as gold dust is minute.

The client does not realise this. And instead expects gold dust CV’s of world class players to suddenly be flung their way. When in reality this doesn’t happen.


You then have a bunch of desperate recruitment agencies who sell to them by promising the world. The client then believes this. Before they know it are working with 10 agencies all promising gods gift. Yet, when none of them are delivering the client then discredits the role of agencies. And the client frustrated as to why they cannot find these Gold dust CV’s.


The truth is that these so called gold dust CV’s do exist for your Hiring Campaigns. But almost all of them are still employed. Companies that have the best people aren’t necessarily going out of business tomorrow and are instead consolidating. Therefore those candidates are still relatively safe as houses and just like before Covid these people are still just as hard to attract.

The Bargain Myth

If you were to ignore this truth then you’d be forgiven for thinking that with so many gold dust candidates all out of work then you could offer lower salaries and these same candidates would lap it up.

However, those same gold dust candidates aren’t out of work. Their employers aren’t necessarily letting them go either. And offering low ball salaries to attract a bunch of available candidates that aren’t actually as available as the media would make you believe is counter intuitive.

Using Recruiters who ACTUALLY know what they are doing

If you want a real understanding of the market and the actual strategy you need to hire realistic talent get a proper recruiter like Revorec.

If you are waiting for gods gift and offering a market rate salary, Covid isn’t going to inadvertently help you’re hiring all that much. Get real.

Hire good people who are 4/5 skillsets, offer a little training and to people who actually want your vacancies long term and you’ll make good hires.

If you wait around for mythical candidates whilst offering market rate wages you’ll still be looking long after Covid has been and gone.

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