Revorec are a different type of recruiter to work for and here’s why

Revorec are a different type of recruiter – Why?

I’d found myself working for the same company for a number of years. The connection I’d had with that company had changed. They’re a good firm and I mean them well, but I didn’t feel the same anymore. I guess I’d fallen out of love with the company as soppy as that sounds. It was clear that they’d gone one way whilst I’d gone another. So, I decided I was going to leave and started looking for other companies to work for.

I had no intention of starting a new company. Not a bit. My desire had always been to join an established company and work my way up. I’d wanted to feel part of something that was going places. A place where I could have a real input and add value. But nevertheless, somewhere that shared my own values. That way we could strive for the same thing.

Company Values

Values are very important to me. Even when I work with clients, I like companies that know who they want first by character, motivations and principles. Yes, skill is important, but they don’t mind compromising on skills a little. They’ll give training here and extra development and support there. But compromising on their values; not a chance.

These are companies that want to build something and genuinely believe that their people come first. Even those that are in the leadership positions are concerned first with setting the right example, leading from the front and taking responsibility to do things properly. It’s never about their ego’s or power trips. First and foremost, it is about maintaining the values. And these same companies are those that go places. Often, they’ve already gone places, but it was down to long standing values that became deeply engrained in the fabric of those companies that allowed that to happen. There is an unwavering will by the people in charge throughout that journey to uphold those values.

I believe that this is the right way a company should be built if you want to make something with the potential to be great. There are no short-term decisions to get quick wins or keeping on disruptive troublemakers just because they make money. Those companies play the long game and stick to their principles.

My Search for a New Employer

I found two types of recruitment company. And neither of which I felt at home with to be honest.

The first was what most people think of as Old School. They were the beat-you-with-a-stick, big ego, work hard play like a Rockstar type firms. However, interestingly what their marketing portrayed was some fun, vibrant, dynamic and forward-thinking company that loved charity work and cake baking days. Yet, they couldn’t have been more different. I’m not sure whether their marketing team got the wrong brief or realised that selling it for what it was probably wasn’t going to result in good PR. But nevertheless, they weren’t at all what their marketing depicted them as.

The second was much nicer. These were firms that really tried to offer tons of perks, luxury offices, a fun environment with bean bags and ping pong tables and after work activities like yoga. They were nice people too. It was all very nice, friendly and bubbly. But it didn’t suit someone like me.

What I wanted vs What was on Offer

In no Particular Order of what I found to be on offer vs what I wanted:


They’re either focused on obtaining a luxury city centre office or offering people the chance to work remotely. I’ve worked from home and it’s boring and sat in a coffee shop trying to interview people all day just seems a bit awkward. I quite like an office with, you know, the camaraderie and banter. But I don’t like having to pay extortionate rates for city centre parking, getting stuck in traffic and taking forever to get there and back.

Why not have an office in a more accessible location with free parking that’s still near to all the social places if you want a pint? That seems like common sense, right? But I couldn’t find a company like that. Therefore, we’ve rectified that at Revorec by fixing our office to a common sense location. We’re by a major intersection, on the edge of town which is easy to get to and has free parking. And you can even walk 5 minutes to North Street in Southville which has some of the best pubs and restaurants in Bristol.


They’re either focused on paying tons of commission but wanting their pound of flesh for it or paying a pittance but at least they treat you nicely. I’m the sort of guy who you could shout at all day long or be really nice to and I’ll still give you my all. I just wanted a company that paid very well but without having to feel like I’d been 12 rounds with Mike Tyson to get it. So, Revorec pay 25-30% commission on all billings and 25-30k salaries. 30% kicks in once you invoice 12.5k in a month. So, whilst most companies offering a luxury city centre office are paying you a 3rd of what you bill because a luxury city office has sky high rent, you’d earn £75,000 from just billing £150,000 with us. You do the maths.


I tended to find a lot of companies either favoured a meritocracy system whereby if you hit set targets you progressed or where there was progression as and when available. However, I didn’t want to be trapped by not being able to progress because the company couldn’t or wasn’t growing at a rate to allow that. Equally I’m quite sceptical of a meritocracy because you tend to find people in management positions that shouldn’t be managers. For example, they can’t manage people, they’re bully’s on power trips or they don’t really want the hassle but wanted the extra money so took the promotion anyway.

I wanted a place where all the managers were trained properly, capable, embodied the company’s values and set the right example.


I see myself as a student of the job and believe knowledge is power. I wanted to not just be good at the job, but have a good general skillset so that I could be adaptable. Too many companies seem way too focused on either extreme specialisation or extreme generalisation. I wanted to be adaptable, be given some level of freedom and feel that I was learning useful information so that I could make more money. In my mind being too specialised will leave you exposed if your market takes a dip, but if you’re too generalised, you’ll never really excel in an area or areas you have a knack for.

The Environment

Finally, I wanted an environment that suited someone like me. I’m pretty down to earth, easy going and reasonable. But I found that companies seem over obsessed with offering perks that I couldn’t care less about. And even worse actively wanted my involvement with those things believing that it’d make me happy. The underlying reason seemed to be that being a recruiter can be tough, arduous and not much fun if left to the task alone. So really driving and developing a lifestyle filled with perks, benefits, activities, team building, socialising and fun stuff that offered an alternative to the day to day drudgery of selling, interviewing and working jobs would be of huge appeal.

The thing is though, I actually like the task itself. Sure, it can be a pain at times, but I like the selling, the chase, the problem solving. Maybe I’m a bit sad to admit that. But I know other recruiters who also quite like the job. I disliked being around people that didn’t like the job itself. But they kept coming to work because of all the perks, benefits and lifestyle promotions offered.  So, I didn’t fancy working for other companies that sold all that, attracted people who didn’t like the task itself and seemed oblivious to the, admittedly, minority of recruiters who enjoy the job like I do.

The sort of Recruiter that Revorec will suit

We won’t be for everyone. And we have no plans to become a 200 person office so don’t need everyone. But if you enjoy the task of being a recruiter, want to be rewarded financially well for your contribution, want good and well organised leaders who give a damn about you and will support you properly using a common sense approach without any nonsense or politics then we’re worth a shout.

Following on from my earlier points, I’d never intended on starting a company. But I couldn’t find a company that suited someone like me. All the firms I found felt like either a cut throat dog eat dog environment or somewhere that seemed a just little too nice.

The company is built for people like me. It is for people who want to be paid proper commission, decent basics, still have the incentives, the best software and kit, but want to be part of something that is down to earth and operated with common sense in mind. I wanted to be surrounded by people who actually wanted to do the job for the job itself and enjoyed it on a day to day basis.

If that sounds like you – Get in touch

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