Skills & Attributes Sought After By Engineering Recruiters

Engineers are vital team members in a wide range of industries, where they can offer their support and expertise when it comes to the building of bridges, the streamlining of industrial processes or the creation of new materials. Their work typically involves solving technical problems and improving systems, in addition to general design and maintenance tasks.

Traditionally, engineering consists of four key sectors – chemical, civil, electrical and mechanical, though the variety of jobs on offer extend far beyond these labels. Despite the diverse career opportunities for engineers, many recruiters will be looking for the same key skills in their candidates, where these attributes tend to indicate that an engineer is well rounded and flexible.

Read on for a look at some of the top skills that engineering recruiters look for in the hiring process.

Problem Solving

Being able to tackle complex problems is vital for many engineering professions, where candidates should be able to brainstorm solutions and implement workable strategies. This demands a certain level of logical thinking combined with creativity and innovation, where there is always a better way of doing things.


Good communication skills are also essential for most engineering jobs, even if you’re tackling projects alone. This is because engineers will always have to report back to their wider team, or to senior stakeholders who are not experts in the field at hand. As such being able to work well with others and share ideas confidently is important.

Project Management

Engineering careers can include project management, where prospective candidates will have to prove their proficiency when it comes to allocating resources, setting goals and meeting deadlines. This is especially important for more senior engineering jobs, which could also involve managing a large team of staff.

Attention to Detail

All engineering professions demand an acute attention to detail, where the tasks at hand are often dependent on a high level of technical accuracy. This is vital when it comes to writing code, fitting new components or conducting laboratory tests, where small errors can have a major impact on results. As such candidates must prove that they are thorough when it comes to checking their own work.

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