Smart Hiring Tactics

Smart Hiring Tactics

When most companies are asked about what makes a successful team, more often than not, recruitment is ranked as the most important factor to get right.

But interestingly despite this being a widely held belief, along with good leadership, both these factors aren’t always put into practice.

Smart Hiring Tactics Timing

Currently tens of thousands of people are being made redundant daily across the UK. Yet many companies have actually found that the shift in the market has helped them.

Some of those companies have decided that the timing is right to start hiring. With so many people suddenly on the market, who wouldn’t normally be, there are some real gems out there that 6 months ago would have come along once in a blue moon.

Why not take advantage and strike while the iron’s hot?

Smart Hiring Tactics Action

The only problem is that many of those companies that have the sense to strike whilst the iron’s hot, forget to warm up the furnace first. And whilst they’re waiting around for a few weeks, the really smart firms are taking action quickly.

The smart companies out there are taking the cream of the crop right under the noses of other companies.

The lesson here is don’t have the right idea and then hang around until you start interviewing. Move on people quickly. If you don’t, your competition will.

Unsmart Hiring Tactics

Procrastination is not a liberty that a client led market should fool anyone into believing is an available option. Yes, news flash. We have entered a client led market. But it will be short lived. So, make the most of it.

Unsmart Job Hunting Expectations

On the flip side any candidate who seems to think they can negotiate a pay rise in an industry where you’re CV is no longer gold dust because of greatly increased competition should think twice.

CV’s that I would see once a year are now two a penny. Great for savvy clients with Smart Hiring Tactics. Bad for job hopper type candidates who want an extra 50p per hour.

Again. It’s a client led market during this period, not a candidate led market.

Sum Up

If you’re an employer. Now is a very smart time to hire if you’re doing ok. Especially if you usually struggle to find good people. But whatever you do, don’t hang around. Just because there’s less competition, don’t think there’s no competition.

If you’re a candidate, understand that sadly your gold dust CV might not be gold dust right now. You’ve got to work hard to get a job, not have the companies work hard to find you. That’s the shift in many industries presently.

Either way be pro-active, quick to act and expect competition.

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