Want Job Seekers advice without being bored to tears?

Want Job Seekers advice without being bored to tears?

I always find that most job seekers advice is a bit wooden, too scripted and presented by someone who I struggle to relate to because they don’t see to understand it from the real world perspective.

The Covid 19 market is tough, messy, frustrating, and confusing. Five minutes ago you were gold dust. Today, you’re out work and feel helpless.

Wouldn’t it be a lot simpler if someone who knew what they were talking about could give you straight forward and real world advice…for free?

What’s the Catch?

There is no catch you suspicious so and so. It’s a YouTube channel. And it’s our very own.

But unlike most recruiters YouTube channels, where no offence, they’re so dull and unrelatable that you’ll fall asleep and learn nothing of use from it, ours isn’t like that.

Our MD does them. He’s the bald guy, with the dodgy beard and cockney accent. But he knows his stuff, tells it how it is and gives real world advice. He’s kind of writing this too, but it sounds better trying to sell it from a 3rd person perspective.

Why’s it a reliable resource of information then?

We’re almost at 1000 subscribers on our YouTube Channel in addition to 1300+ on our LinkedIn. These figures are accurate at the time of writing but are constantly increasing.

What are these video’s about?

Our videos are about helping employees either in employment or seeking employment. The content ranges from subjects including Redundancy, CV’s, Universal Credit, Furlough’s, Employment Law and much more.

Why are our videos more engaging than other recruitment content?

Do you want to watch a podcast from two boring middle aged men talk with monotone voices about irrelevant content? Seriously?

Or listen to some Graduate talk about how great life is for them when you’re on the breadline?

What’s really going to help is content relevant to you, that will help you, is straight forward to understand and is delivered by someone who knows what they are talking about.

How do I subscribe so I won’t miss any one of these videos?

Go on YouTube and search Revorec Recruitment Solutions OR click this link: https://m.youtube.com/channel/UCeXKv3vIHJ1NGV1-CFd5iQg

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