Want to earn more money – Change your thinking

Want to earn more money – Change your thinking

When people say they want to earn more money I find myself baffled by much of the logic that follows. Allow me to explain.

The Common Logic

I use the term “The Common Logic” as this seems to be the way the majority of people think. You may argue otherwise, but here goes:

“I am not paid enough to do the job I do” Common Logic

“What is the solution”? The push back

“The company should pay me more money” Common Logic

“Where is that money coming from then”? The push back

“The people at the top get paid too much. They can afford to pay me more” Common Logic

The Reality

Every job that exists has it’s financial limitations. There is a finite profit margin metric on what a job is worth paying someone to do.

In an age of automation, tech revolution, globalized industry and AI, jobs that are quite basic to do are quite easily imitated by a machine. Whilst this does not morally justify paying someone poorly, the cold reality is a machine does not strike. A machine does not take sick days. AI doesn’t start distracting workers by chatting and diminishing productivity.

If at this point, you are reading this section and thinking, but this guy is wrong. Then the point of “Change your thinking” is going to be beneficial for you.

Change your thinking

If you want to earn money don’t look at who earns the money and think give me more for what I do. Instead think like this; What do I need to do to be in their position asap so I can earn that money by doing what they do?

If you’ve ever heard the notion of stop shouting out the window and start looking in the mirror, that is a relevant here. Don’t bite the hand that feeds, aim to be the hand itself.


What earns the money is doing the job that the money flows towards. That’s what you should be aiming for. And if you have to take a few knocks, a bit of rejection, kiss a bit of backside to get there, that sadly comes with doing that.

The reality is nobody gets a gold medal from cleaning the runners boots.

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