We don’t use Recruitment Agencies because…

We don’t use Recruitment Agencies because we had a bad experience

I once had a bad experience in a restaurant. The customer service was poor, the food was awful, and the toilets stank. Using the same logic, I should avoid all restaurants then.

I once rented a flat that was mouldy, and the landlord could not care less about it. Plus, it was overpriced and I lost my deposit unfairly. Perhaps I should stop living in properties then.

This is basically the same logic when a company decides it is not using a recruitment agency because they had a bad experience once.

What is a bad experience?

Unfortunately, many recruitment agencies are not that great. And that is being kind. The problem is until you have done the job it looks easy. If it is so easy though how comes 60% of people who join the industry leave the industry all together within the first 12 months, then? To put that into perspective that is a worse retention rate than the British Army for the first 12 months.

A bad experience is dealing with someone who promises the world and delivers a dank squib. Often, it’s a candidate who looks great on paper, who’s been poorly assessed for their motivations by the agency, talked into the job by a money hungry recruiter and manipulated to accept. The client then finds out 3 months later, conveniently just after the agencies refund period has expired, that the candidate has resigned and taken a job elsewhere. This leaves the client out of pocket, without a staff member and with a bad experience that then say’s no more recruitment agencies for us.

Two types of Recruitment Agency

The easiest way of telling the difference is the price. If they’re cheap for they’re market, there’s a reason they are cheap. If we are using restaurant analogies again, paying KFC prices for Fine Dining French cuisine is unlikely to see a Triple Michelin star experience is it?

Now you may argue and say, what do recruitment agencies really do anyway? They just send you a bunch of CVs. How hard is that? If that’s the case, then what does a restaurant do then? What’s the difference between KFC and a Gordon Ramsey restaurants chicken? They both serve chicken so it’s the same thing, right?

Obviously not. The fact that they both serve chicken is where it stops. The quality of the chicken. How it is prepared. The ingredients etc. You start to notice a marked difference.

The Reality

I understand that good and bad exist. But ruling out using a recruitment agency because you had a bad experience once doesn’t make any sense to me.

I know we deliver a great service. It’s one of the reasons why we doubled in headcount during the pandemic. Imagine how frustrating it is calling up a company that you know need recruitment support but they point-blank refuse and remain unsuccessful. What is the point? To save face? You are hindering your company by refusing beneficial support. And we’re flippin’ good at recruitment too!

Give us a chance. Come on. Try us out.

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