Where is the Real Value in Recruitment?

The real value in recruitment is successful talent acquisition, right? No? Ok. Fine. It must be in finding top talent consistently. No? How about being able to fill vacancies quickly and with minimal fuss?

Wrong, Wrong, Wrong

Let me explain as concisely as possible why these common misconceptions are wrong.

Successful Talent Acquisition

This would imply that your recruiter fills the roles you need. But let me put it another way. Would you consider a successful fuel stop to be a full tank of petrol, when 5 miles down the road your engine breaks because of bad fuel? In short, just because you’ve got your talent, is their much value if they leave after 5 minutes?

Finding Top Talent Consistently

This resonates like the last point. It mentions nothing about retention. Just because you tick a box it doesn’t mean you won’t have to cross it out again.

Filling Vacancies Quickly with minimal fuss

The same as above again.

Modern Recruitment Revolution

Times have changed but I think people let themselves get left behind. A common theme on LinkedIn threads are from Recruiters who are LinkedIn advocates criticising advert-based recruiters as being dinosaurs. And from advert-based recruiters criticising LinkedIn advocates as being recruiters who don’t know how to write an advert.

Both are missing the point. I’ll use Amazon as an example. Why are Amazon crushing the high street? How comes they are so powerful? The answer is in the word Convenience.

Click a button. What you want is sent to your door. Easy. Simple. Convenience personified.

Modern Recruitment is Changing the Rules of the Game

If you are a recruiter who thinks the job advert is dead, you are missing a valuable skillset you don’t understand the value of. Maybe you are a LinkedIn advocate with a network running into the thousands. Perhaps you love praising tech and keep harking on about accepting change. Are you one of those people who thinks that robots will take most jobs quickly?

Consider this. What is stopping someone creating a format or a system that can search LinkedIn without any input from a human being and assess candidates skillsets? Oh that exists already does it? It’s primitive bare in mind, but it does exists in a few formats. How long will it take for that to replace the need for a humans input? A computer cannot write job adverts that appeal to humans anywhere near as well though. Food for thought. There is some real value in recruitment there.

Rounded Skills

If you want to survive and thrive long term in this game you need to recognise convenience for the customer. Your job is not to hit KPI’s, massage your bosses ego or smash it. Today maybe that is the case. But if you want to thrive you need a rounded skillset.

Vertical Markets and other traps

Do you work in a vertical market? Great. Do you use LinkedIn and can’t write an advert? Fantastic. If your market dies all your eggs are in that one basket. A vertical market is good for a company, but short-sighted for an individual. That is destined to die unless you evolve.

Other traps include large corporate contingency recruitment. Any company that hires regularly will or have already worked out that if they bring an in-house recruitment team in, they can cut costs. It’s only a matter of time before you’re cut out of the loop.

Repeat Business Reliance is another one. Pareto Law applies here in a way. Although you’ll make 80% of your money from 20% of your customers, you’ll lose 20% of your customers annually. If you can’t do effective BD you won’t just not grow, but you’ll start receding.


When hiring do you consider retention as a separate entity or part of the hiring process? If you see them as separate, then you may have a problem. If you hire for skill you may have culture killers joining your company. It’s a bit like having a rhododendron to compliment your multi-floral flowerbed. It’s a nice-looking weed that’ll kill everything else.

The Real Value in Recruitment

The one part that will last in External Recruitment is Value for Money. And its convenience that brings the value. Imagine if you have one company that can help on all of your roles? We’ve already established that large companies will just bring an in house team in so that leaves companies that don’t hire enough to warrant an in house team. That means SME companies. And whilst some roles are better filled via Linkedin or databases others may be from advertising and marketing.

The Real Value of Recruitment is long term retention and quality

Hire people for cultural values and character first, then skills. The best recruiters understand people. Average recruiters only understand skills. But you can bolt on skills. People can learn. Try changing someone’s character though. Good luck with that.

If you hire for long terms retention and quality, you’ll have good people that will add genuine value to your business and stay long term. That’s where the value is that you should seek in a recruitment partner. Forget a couple of % on price or who can get you CV’s the quickest. That’s short-sighted and destined for you to inadvertently deliver premature repeat business for all the wrong reasons.

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