Career Success – You need to put yourself out there

Career Success – You need to put yourself out there


Too many people in my opinion play it safe. There can be valid reasons for playing it safe. Taking a risk by changing career and it not working out can have consequences. But do not let risk taking put you off taking them in the first place.


A Successful Career


What does a successful career look like? This is subjective. One persons career success can differ from another. However, for the sake of argument in this post Career Success means moving up the career leader via promotions to a senior position, with senior level pay and benefits.


Sometimes, and perhaps more often than you’d want, you have to change company to have that career success. Perhaps your company isn’t going to get you where you want to go. Or maybe the right development and opportunities are not there if you stay put.


The Right Timing


Wanting to progress when you are not good enough to step up is a mistake. That is not a mistake of the company you work for. It is your mistake if you expect it, get it and cannot handle it. You need to get your timing right.


Your early career should be about being somewhere where you learn the best, from the best. You are exposed to making mistakes but given the chance to learn from them. You are encouraged to be bold, ambitious and push yourself out of your comfort zone. Yet at the same time not crucified as soon as you make a mistake. But if you are ready for the next step you need to move on either internally or externally.


Risk Taking


Putting yourself out there is key to having any kind of career success. And that doesn’t just mean taking risks for the sake of taking risks. You want to take calculated risks. As above, early in your career you want to find a company that develops you. To get hired somewhere like that you need to put yourself out there. Go hunt them down.


These days too many people get reliant on others approaching you. More and more we see Passive candidates waiting for opportunities to come to them. But opportunity is really only there for those who go out to get it on their own effort. Know what you want, put the ground work in to find it and then go and pursue it. That’s calculated risk taking done right.


Comfort Zone


Those who settle for second best don’t win any races. And it doesn’t mean you can’t be happy or you’re wrong for it. But if it comes to career success then settling for what you’ve got or for second best will not work.


Sum Up


Have a goal. Know what you want. Put the ground work in to identify and find where it is. Then work your butt off to get it. That’s how career success comes about.

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