Frequently Asked Questions

How can a recruitment agency help my business?

Recruitment agencies are great for taking the stress out of hiring new employees. Not only can an agency save you time and resources, but the range of potential candidates is much greater. A specialised team is better equipped to ensure interviewees meet all the requirements needed for the role, resulting in only the best and most qualified persons being put forward.

What does a recruitment consultant do?

A consultant will take on the legwork of finding candidates. They will headhunt for specific companies, shortlisting potential interviewees. In addition, they will perform preliminary interviews, which help check that a candidate is entirely suitable for the role. By meeting the candidate early, they can also find out more about what a candidate is after in a role. This ensures they fully understand what the role entails, reducing the risk of employee unhappiness.

What jobs can I get through an electrical recruitment agency?

An electrical recruitment agency can offer a vast range of roles that you might not be able to find easily on your own. Potential roles include solar panel installers, electrical maintenance engineers, and electrical site supervisors. These roles can be found in interesting and exciting workplaces, such as laboratories, giving you job satisfaction and security in constantly changing environments.

How can an engineering recruitment agency help my career?

For engineering roles, finding the perfect job can be difficult. An engineering recruitment agency can lessen the stress of your job search. A recruitment consultant will put you forward for a variety of interesting roles that meet both your requirements and consider your qualifications. In addition, they will help you prepare for any interviews by giving you tips and tricks on how to give the best impression possible while doing your honed skills justice.

How does the IT recruitment process work?

There are a few steps in the IT recruitment process, which you can be better prepared for with a specialised recruitment agency. Ordinarily, you would submit a CV to the company that has advertised the role, interview, and wait to hear whether you have been successful. With a recruitment agency, you would contact the recruiter, practice your interview skills with their support, attend the interview, give feedback to your recruiter and await the interviewer’s response.

What opportunities are offered through a science recruitment agency?

science recruitment agency will offer a range of roles to obtain the perfect job. There will be various opportunities, from scientific content writers to lab technicians. When searching under one company you will only find a limited number of roles, under one company ethos. An agency, however, will be able to show many roles from a variety of companies, giving you the choice and freedom you need to find the most suitable job.

What are the benefits of working with a specialist recruitment agency?

A specialist recruitment agency can be an enormous advantage when it comes to both hiring and job seeking. When applying for roles in specific sectors, it can be daunting to find out which companies can offer what you’re looking for. As for a business looking to hire, weeding out underqualified candidates can be equally challenging. Specialist recruitment agencies act as the middleman between interviewer and interviewees, expertly pairing the perfect match.

How can I learn more about careers in renewable energy?

Renewable energy is a growing industry, with new career opportunities opening up regularly. Contacting a recruitment agency to learn more about careers in renewable energy can be very helpful. They will be able to give you in-depth information about a variety of renewable energy businesses. Some types of renewable energies you could specialise in include solar energy, geothermal energy, and hydropower energy. Working with a recruitment agency can open up a whole new career path.

Why should I choose to work with a technical employment agency?

A technical employment agency can be of great assistance when you need to hire. Specialising in your industry, these recruiters can save you from spending your precious resources on unsuitable candidates. They ensure all applicants have the required qualifications and experience to work at your company before reaching you, while carefully putting forward the best option. The human interaction that happens means they get to know them as a person before recommending them to you.

How can an engineering recruitment agency help my career?

When you are looking to progress your career with a new role, engineering recruitment agencies can be more than helpful. By discussing with a recruitment agency what you would like to get from an engineering role. They can seek out some roles that meet your wants and requirements, whether it’s more responsibilities or a higher salary. Many engineering roles can set you up for success, which can easily be found with a professional agency.

What are some examples of senior engineering jobs?

As management roles are often less common than entry-level positions, it can be hard to know what to look for in senior engineering jobs. With the help of our team at Revorec, we can provide you with examples of senior roles. Examples include mechanical design engineers, PAT testers and food manufacturing engineers. As we specialise in these roles, we can expertly match you to your dream role.

What will a mechanical engineer recruiter do to help me?

A mechanical engineer recruiter can help with the entire process of finding a new role. They will start by asking you what you would like to get out of your new position, alongside routine questions regarding your experience and qualifications so far. They can then get in contact with you after compiling some roles which fit your wants and skills, and help you prepare for any interviews you may successfully get.

How does an IT staffing company operate?

To help pair applicants with hiring employers, an IT staffing company will advertise any available positions. As they specialise in IT, they will have a wide and developed understanding of what a great candidate has, whether it is particular experience or skills. The team or representative will then help the potential candidates understand the role in full, whilst liaising with the hiring manager to explain why they should interview the hopeful candidate.

What are technical recruiters looking for in their candidates?

Applying for a technical role doesn’t have to be a challenge. Knowing what it is that technical recruiters looking for in a potential candidate can prepare you for applying for vacancies. Communication skills are key, along with a broad technical knowledge that has been cultivated by work experience. As with any interview, your CV should be updated and organised, to give a positive first impression.

How can a talent acquisition specialist help my company to find the right candidate?

When looking to hire, you only want to interview the best. A talent acquisition specialist is the company to help. Before submitting their CVs to your company, a recruiter will speak to the applicant to see what they would like to get from the role, alongside hearing about any relevant experience they have. This process helps to sort through the suitability of the candidates before they reach you, saving your business both time and money.