Hiring before the new year: Why you shouldn’t wait.

Hiring managers and businesses are stuck in that age old idea of waiting until the new year to find new talent. Though, this isn’t the best form of practice. You have a whole month before the new year comes in to utilise your recruitment process, this is when to take advantage of that gap. But why?

Candidates want to get started.

There is an influx of highly skilled candidates coming on to the job market with the aim of starting a new role in January. They want to know that they have stability and job security during the Christmas period.

Get the ground running.

New employees can go through their inductions, training and get settled into the business beforehand. Enabling them to hit the ground running in the new year.

More time for interviews.

Candidates tend to be more flexible and have more availability for interviews around this time. With most people tending to have remaining annual leave to use up.

Get ahead of your competitors.

If you leave the recruitment process until January, it gives your competitors the upper hand on the skilled candidates on the market. Be sure to get a head start.

Capitalise on your remaining budget.

Hiring managers may have remaining recruitment budgets to capitalise on. This is a great time to get ahead of the curve and applying to roles.

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