How to perfect your LinkedIn profile

LinkedIn is the most preferred social media platform for businesses and buyers. So, utilising your LinkedIn profile can be extremely beneficial for your prospects.

LinkedIn is your professional Facebook; you need to be prepared that employers will look at it. You most likely heard of LinkedIn from school or college, drilling it in to you how important it is. The truth is, you don’t need a perfect LinkedIn profile while you’re in education. It’s the after that matters.

However, LinkedIn is the perfect place to connect with others in similar positions and to search for a new role. LinkedIn specifically promotes roles that fit your skill sets, and that’s why a good LinkedIn profile is essential when looking for work.

So, if you’re in your final year of university or college, you’re wanting to change careers or begin your career, here’s how to perfect your LinkedIn.

Keep it updated.

Your LinkedIn is basically a CV but with personality. Just as you update your CV, update your LinkedIn. Trained on something new at work? Add it to your skills. Just been promoted? Celebrate it!

Your LinkedIn profile is a great way to showcase your professional accomplishments and let others know about your skills and expertise. By keeping it up to date, you can make sure that you are putting your best foot forward and presenting yourself in the best possible light to potential employers, clients, and collaborators.

Be active.

Just as you do on Instagram or Facebook, keep engaging with people’s posts. You want your LinkedIn profile to look active and not just something you set up because you were told to.

Engaging with other people’s posts means that others will likely engage with yours and this can help you build connections.

Demonstrate your skills.

When building the perfect LinkedIn profile, utilise every section it has to offer. Especially the skills section!

However, it’s not as simple as putting that you are efficient in Adobe. In order to demonstrate your skills, you need to give examples. What did you use that specific skill for? How much do you use this skill in your role?

Make it professional.

Make your profile professional from the photo you use, your tone of voice and the posts you share.

LinkedIn is a social media platform, but it’s a professional social media platform. It’s what potential employers see and what you engage with on there, they too will see!

It’s easy to get a headshot, make a professional background photo, and keep your content relatable to the platform.

Perfect your summary.

Your summary is where you get to praise yourself, it can be hard, but your LinkedIn is where you sell yourself. Especially if you are a recruitment consultant or work in sales. Apply the same technique you use every day at work to sell your clients for yourself.

Perfecting your summary begins with your ‘About’ description. Make sure it’s clear what you do and in the first few words of your profile. When someone is scrolling through, most of the text is cut off and just leaves the first few words.

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