Improve your interview and candidate process

The key to a successful placement is having a perfected interview and candidate process. Ensuring you are hiring the best talent for your client, and all parties are satisfied with what they’ve been sold. Even you.

Here’s some tips on how to improve your interview and candidate process.

Be transparent:

Be completely transparent about the company, role and the environment they will be working in. If someone is applying for a role in sewage, be honest about the conditions and smell. It’s not going to be an easy job.

Don’t push your candidate:

You can still sell the role, but don’t push a candidate in to it. If they have doubts, even after your best sales pitch, you can’t force your candidate to go any further.

You need to understand the role:

To make a good sales pitch, you need to understand the role thoroughly and deeply. Before an interview, and before you search for candidates. They need to know the most important, fun and mundane parts of the role, and you’re the person that provides this.

Stay in touch with your candidate throughout the process:

Keep in touch with your candidate and client, from before the interview process up until a week in to their new role. Give your candidate a clear timeline, an idea of what their first week/day will be, give your candidate and client a call after week one, ensure everyone is happy. 

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