Revorec are supporting Pass the Parcel this Christmas

This Christmas, Revorec is showing their support for Pass the Parcel, a local initiative in the BS3 area that aims to provide a memorable Christmas for those in need.

Pass the Parcel has been operating for three years and has done remarkable work to ensure that vulnerable families, children, and individuals experiencing loneliness and isolation feel connected and experience the same joy that many of us are fortunate to have during the holidays.

Revorec is making a meaningful contribution by donating as many games of Uno as possible. By doing so, we hope to bring joy and fun to families and individuals in our local community on Christmas day. We are also actively participating in Pass the Parcel’s fundraising efforts.

Playing games during Christmas is often taken for granted, but it is a significant source of fun and connection. Games like Uno bring people together and create lasting memories. They have the power to keep us entertained for hours on end, once we get past the instructions!

As a Christmas wish to everyone, Revorec kindly asks for help in spreading awareness of this incredible initiative. We encourage people to share ours and Pass the Parcel’s posts and contribute to Pass the Parcel’s gift list and JustGiving page.

By doing so, we can all play a part in ensuring that everyone feels the joy of Christmas. No one should feel alone or vulnerable during this special time of year.

Let’s come together and make a difference this Christmas by supporting Pass the Parcel and bringing happiness to those who need it most. Remember, even the smallest contribution can make a significant impact.

Find out more about Pass the Parcel on their website: Christmas Donations | Pass The Parcel | Bristol (

You can find their JustGiving Page here: Pass the Parcel is fundraising for BS3 Community (


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