What is the New Normal?

What is the New Normal?

Ever since Dominic Raab, in a recent government Coronavirus broadcast, coined the phrase New Normal, it’s been banded around the like a viral video. The only difference is it seems unclear exactly what that new normal is meant to be. So what is the new normal?

Trying to get clarity

The government haven’t exactly been widely praised for their clarity in much of their communications. Their communication is at the very least, divisive dependent on who you ask.

So rather than just trying to go on the info received it’s going to take a bit of fact checking, reality verifying and calculated prediction making in order to answer this one.

What we know

At the time of writing there is no cure for Covid 19. Sure, trials are underway. But nothing is confirmed. Therefore, as it stands there is no cure and no guarantee that there will ever be a cure.

Every country in the world is affected. Yes, cases differ but it’s gone way beyond a localised issue. It’s a major global pandemic.

There are 66 million people in the UK give or take and 6-7 billion in the world. So even if a miracle cure did come about, manufacturing it and distributing will take years in all likelihood.

The economy has been hit hard, the government is taking on huge debt to try to stabilise things and nobody has ever dealt with a situation like this before, so nobody quite knows how best to resolve it.

The Working World

We have been back about a week since the government allowed businesses to begin returning to site based work. But Covid Secure measures are in place and social distancing is the priority across the board.

Whilst LinkedIn would have you believe that everyone should work from home, all those warriors fail to realise that most jobs cannot be done from home. Plus the army of WFH loyalists who’ve painted the picture that it’s the way forward have found themselves suffering WFH burnout. A cynic might say that’s code for a convenient excuse for laziness, but I’ll leave that to your judgement.

The Future of Work

As it stands the virus isn’t going away anytime soon. The British government have put a time limit on Furloughs. And businesses need to start making money again if they are to avoid going to the wall.

So whilst many have voiced concerns about returning to work, unless they favour bankruptcy, the cold harsh truth is that you soon will have to make the choice between the too.

Companies will put measures in place, people will be careful but sooner or later you’re going to have to return to work. And by doing so you will face the risk of getting the virus.

Sum Up

As much as I feel for people and am deeply saddened by this crisis, I’ve come to the realisation that I can’t hide away locked in my home. There is no cure. And whether I like it or not I have no choice but to get on with my life and accept that the virus isn’t going away anytime soon. The truth is that this is how it is now. The choice is face it and take the appropriate precautions or stay locked in your home and eventually run out money to live on.

The new normal will be when that clarity comes to be accepted by the general public. That day is coming and it’s coming fast.

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