Your Recruitment Process for 2024

With the New Year comes a lot of meetings (headcount forecasts, budgeting, goals for the New Year etc.)

With any new venture, the staff must always come first. Whether launching a new division or looking to further drive performance in existing areas, it is quite common to see senior hires being planned at this time of year.

But with the workload required, it is essential to get started on this as soon as possible. There are several steps to be worked through and these can often take longer and require more work than initially expected.


  • Evaluate your requirements and produce a job description for this hire.


  • Prepare your selling points for prospective candidates (progression, training, equity etc.)


  • Start building a pipeline of candidates through headhunting, job adverts, referrals etc.


  • Review CVs across all avenues and build a shortlist of candidates to progress to the next stage.


  • Carry out interviews (for a position at a senior level this can often be 2 to 3 stages.)


  • Decide on the successful candidate, offer the position and wait for their notice to be completed before they can start.

From our experience, for a junior to mid-level position the steps from sourcing candidates, through to offers can be as little as 2-3 weeks. However, when considering specialist skillsets or more senior positions this naturally will increase.

That’s not to mention the notice periods, when looking at a senior hire these people are often a key part of their employer’s business. It is common to see them restricted by a 3 month notice period.

The scary part is when you then add this all up, if you were to start the process today you would likely see your new hire starting in June! When these individuals are part of key plans to the year, this can put a serious delay in your company’s growth.

It is imperative that when reviewing such a hire you develop a realistic timeline for your hiring process. If you can’t wait that long, its time to speak to a specialist agency.

We can help review your desired objectives and consult on developing a job description and competitive package to secure the calibre of candidate you need. Through our networks of candidates in industry we can ensure your sourcing time is as short as possible to give you the best chance of a senior hire starting in H1.

If you’re currently reviewing your hiring plans for the 2024 and need roles filled in a timely manner, give us a call today!

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Find out how we can help you.

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